Tweet Archive for February 2017

RT @planetjedward: Can’t wait to Rock @RTERayDarcyShow Saturday 21:55 on @RTEOne Exclusive 2017 Interview & Performance of Oxygen

5:27pm Feb 10 2017 —

To all the wonderful humans who showed up to the boys hotel last night, thank you Xx

3:21pm Feb 4 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: Vote for JEDWARD X #CBB #CBBJedward #JedwardToWin

9:12pm Feb 3 2017 —

9:03pm Feb 3 2017 —

RT @MommaJedward: The last session of votes could make all the difference. Let us push the votes one more time. #CBB #CBBJedward #JedwardTo…

8:41pm Feb 3 2017 —

8:03pm Feb 3 2017 —

I am getting so excited,my humans have less than two hours to the final of cbb.Vote jedward

7:17pm Feb 3 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: If you haven’t voted yet, don’t stress it there is still time! VOTE JEDWARD! #JedwardToWin #CBB #CBBJedward

6:42pm Feb 3 2017 —

Ah, I have got Granny human’s attention, food glorious food, it is a Dog’s Life.

10:12pm Feb 2 2017 —

I am sure all my doggy friends agree,with me about that dog food..i am now running around the kitchen banging my dish. VOTE JEDWARD TO WIN.

10:09pm Feb 2 2017 —

I thought that dog food, my humans were eating looked look delicious……yum yum.

10:05pm Feb 2 2017 —

Hilarious watching my fab humans having so much fun to night.

10:02pm Feb 2 2017 —

I chased Blaze up and down the stairs after our humans got into the final last night.

10:07pm Feb 1 2017 —

Woof, Woof, vote for my humans Jedward.

10:00pm Feb 1 2017 —