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My favorite book is Harry Potter what is your favorite book?

11:20am Jul 31 2015 —

What do you like paws or feet or hands ?

11:19am Jul 31 2015 —

What song do you sing in the shower?

11:19am Jul 31 2015 —

Have you ever cried under water? I have when I hit my paw

11:17am Jul 31 2015 —

Who is your favorite Disney character mine is goofy and Pluto

11:16am Jul 31 2015 —

Who’s your favorite Wizard of Oz character

11:15am Jul 31 2015 —

Comment your answers on YouTube you know you want 2 :p

11:14am Jul 31 2015 —

If you could have a scented toilet paper what would it smell like I would like. Marshmallow

11:13am Jul 31 2015 —

Im feeling hungry what should I cook?

11:12am Jul 31 2015 —

As everyone knows I am a superhero should I wear my underpants on the outside of my outfit?

11:11am Jul 31 2015 —

Where is your remote control right now

11:10am Jul 31 2015 —

Do you ever think they’ll make a movie with batman and twilight and what would it be called

11:09am Jul 31 2015 —

What’s your fav Disney movie?

11:08am Jul 31 2015 —

Whats your fav letter in the alphabet

11:07am Jul 31 2015 —

Leave a comment and some love

12:29pm Jul 27 2015 —

good night everyone if you have any night mares dont forget to wake up and scream #OhHellNo

10:29pm Jul 25 2015 —

when my humans wont let me stay up past my bed time #OhHellNo

10:28pm Jul 25 2015 —

when you feel like eating chocolate but realise that if you did you would get poisoned #OhHellNo

10:26pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @worldmeetsgirl: @FijiMouse When people say they’re gonna play Jedward songs on the radio then don’t play Jedward songs on the radio. #O…

10:23pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @Gerri4Jedward: @FijiMouse when you go to a concert and forget ALL your portable chargers 😩😩 #OhHellNo

10:23pm Jul 25 2015 —

i hate when i forget to wear my sunscreen #OhHellNo

10:22pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @777candygirl777: @FijiMouse When you still dont own a penguin D: #OhHellNo

10:15pm Jul 25 2015 —

@MommaJedward can relate

10:15pm Jul 25 2015 —

when i run out of knitted jumpers to wear #OhHellNo

10:11pm Jul 25 2015 —

@WorldOfBlaze is really scared after watching sharknado and now she wont stop crying #OhHellNo

10:09pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @CraZyGirl_xx3: @fijimouse when radio stations are like #OhHellNo when u request JEDWARD songs… >:(

10:08pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @sabii_jedhead: @FijiMouse when people say they don’t know or don’t like @planetjedward #OhHellNo what’s wrong with this guys

10:06pm Jul 25 2015 —


10:06pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @LuckyDipster: @FijiMouse When you’re trying to watch World’s End on Netflix, but your notifications are going nuts. #ohhellno

10:06pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @Molnsystem: @FijiMouse when you’re supposed to take a beautiful pic of Stephens green and the pond is full of seagulls🌝 #OhHellNo http:…

10:05pm Jul 25 2015 —