Tweet Archive for January 2017

Perez Human you are a great supporter of my Humans.

7:51pm Jan 31 2017 —

Jedward fan humans, you have stood by my Humans during the evictions. My Humans have to feel very proud.

7:49pm Jan 31 2017 —

My Humans need millions of votes. Vote for JEDWARD
MOBILE: 6 44 24 12
LANDLINE: 090 20 44 24 12

7:42pm Jan 31 2017 —

I am so excited, my human cousin is taking me for a walk now. I wonder will I come across any trees on the route?

4:16pm Jan 29 2017 —

@world of Blaze there is no need to be jealous of me getting a little human attention. I am sure your fans would like you in a calendar..

4:06pm Jan 29 2017 —

I am so excited, I am going to get working on my calendar straight away, ok January is gone but I could still include it.

3:54pm Jan 29 2017 —

Human Fans, would you buy a calendar with me in it?

3:50pm Jan 29 2017 —

I am Chinese Crested Dog, a very royal dog

3:49pm Jan 29 2017 —

OK, I will start posting selfies of myself. You will have to give me a few days, as I have to Doggy spa, I must look good for my human fans

3:41pm Jan 29 2017 —

It has been difficult for Blaze and me watching our humans being stereotyped, but we know they are strong in mind , body and soul. WOOF

3:38pm Jan 29 2017 —

Why has Blaze more followers than me? I am charming, attractive in a quirky way,and love to chase my tail when I get excited.

3:35pm Jan 29 2017 —

Yes, my humans, Jedward should have their own fashion line, they can make a sack look amazing.

3:31pm Jan 29 2017 —

WOOF, woof, WoOF to all the Jedward Human fans who have spent so much time voting, it takes a lot of human money alsoI

3:24pm Jan 29 2017 —

I love all the outfits mu humans have been wearing, I have a lot of outfits that Auntie Katherine made for me.

3:19pm Jan 29 2017 —

Thank you for the compliments on my hair, I do not have very much, but I do like to put it up like my humans, appearance is important.

3:17pm Jan 29 2017 —

Blaze, I think they are learning from our humans that it is ok to have fun.

3:13pm Jan 29 2017 —

My hair needs to be groomed by my Humans.

3:12pm Jan 29 2017 —

I have been watching my granny human busily tweeting, I want my humans to get to the final of the CBB

3:11pm Jan 29 2017 —

BEY, I could not WOOF it better myself

2:46pm Jan 29 2017 —

I love when my humans do my hair, James Cosmo was very lucky to get his hair done by them, a few days ago 🐶

2:43pm Jan 29 2017 —

M.y doggy view of the house is that my Humans are being themselves

2:39pm Jan 29 2017 —

I wish you could hear my woofs, I have a beautiful dog voice.

2:38pm Jan 29 2017 —

My Humans love having fun.

2:36pm Jan 29 2017 —

My humans need your vote.

2:34pm Jan 29 2017 —

I really miss my humans, but I want them to stay in Big Brother

2:33pm Jan 29 2017 —

RT @WorldOfBlaze: Shhhhhhh….. I stole a copy of the letter and hid it with my num nums …don’t tell momma JEDWARD…

10:30pm Jan 28 2017 —

I am dizzy with excitement, my humans are safe! woof! #CBB #CBBJedward

10:33pm Jan 27 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: Have you voted yet? #CBB #CBBJedward #SaveJedward

8:58pm Jan 27 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: Voting to save Jedward feels a little like this right? #CBB #CBBJedward

8:58pm Jan 27 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: Raise your hand if you voted to save JEDWARD! #CBB #CBBJedward

8:58pm Jan 27 2017 —