Tweet Archive for May 2015

Have a little patience!…NO if you wanted to spend time with me you should have said! Now get me my CrΓ¨me brΓ»lΓ©e this instant!

11:04pm May 31 2015 —

I have been doing my vocal warm ups and working on my voice and maybe I will talk someday!

11:00pm May 31 2015 —

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ haha my eyes are wetting themselves πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ someone pls get me a Silk scarf to wipe my tears away!

10:56pm May 31 2015 —

I can smell Victory and I don’t think it is how good my hair smells

10:50pm May 31 2015 —

I don’t have Instagram so bitch paw slap to whoever is acting to be me how could you do something so hurtful and inconsiderate 😭

10:43pm May 31 2015 —

Nirvana β€” Nevermind

6:20pm May 31 2015 —

why do dogs smell weird when they get wet….like srsly…why you do dis?

12:27pm May 29 2015 —

If Only Everything In Life Was As Reliable As Jedward

10:26am May 28 2015 —

I am currently growing a beard and I refuse to shave it… Fiji…..I do what I want

8:53pm May 27 2015 —

I am having a Fiji concert who wants to come? it involves me sitting on a chair while trying to sing like an angel #FijiOnTour

7:54pm May 27 2015 —

when I grow up I want to look like Helen Mirren….or Justin Timberlake I haven’t decided yet …someone help

7:49pm May 27 2015 —

however I wont roll in grass because my hair will get tangled……but still the urge is there

7:45pm May 27 2015 —

there are currently 4,944 people on twitter who love me… so happy I could roll in some grass

7:45pm May 27 2015 —

when everyone is asleep me and @WorldOfBlaze meditate ……she is really bad at it though because she hasn’t found her inner hipster yet.

7:42pm May 27 2015 —

that moment when you make a new friend who gives nice hugs …… but then they leave your house and you are mad at them for leaving …….

7:40pm May 27 2015 —

I am going to be selling my new ‘Fiji fragrance’ by Fiji mouse…….now you can smell like a dog too!

7:38pm May 27 2015 —

Im going to get a tattoo of my face on my back so that everyone will get really confused…

7:37pm May 27 2015 —

if you ever need a hug just come to my twitter page and hug your computer..and if people say youre weird..who cares…haters gonna hate kids

7:36pm May 27 2015 —

this one time at camp, myself and my dog friends had a race…I didn’t win but I let on that I did … everyone still thinks I am cool

7:32pm May 27 2015 —

I am actually the coolest…….tell all your friends about my coolness……that would be cool

7:26pm May 27 2015 —

How I feel the night before an exam

1:46pm May 27 2015 —

Why put water in bottles that is like putting mountains in boxes let nature be! yoga way of life!
ok WTF i am not a hippie

10:07pm May 24 2015 —

my eyebrows need to be fleeked……. i need a flleker where can i find one …..mmmmm fleek

9:43pm May 24 2015 —

does any one know of any DogTubers that can inform of how to contour my fifi features for the ultimate edition of fifi..

9:42pm May 24 2015 —

one day i will create a plant and i will name it fifi….and then you will all be requesting a fifi plant but i will say no because its mine

9:39pm May 24 2015 —

today I went outside and it was cold but then when i came back inside it was also cold…in the end i put on a jumper and went back outside

9:37pm May 24 2015 —

I don’t just drink water…..I embrace it

9:34pm May 24 2015 —

I have a part time job as a yoga instructor ……….downward facing dog……

9:33pm May 24 2015 —

I am an amazing creature ……lets all take a moment to realise this…….ok now go back to your daily lives….

9:31pm May 24 2015 —

I wear hair bobbins ………deal with it…

12:26pm May 24 2015 —