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RT @ImeldaOfficial: Thank you @planetjedward for making my day. You’re the best!!! Big love!!! ❤️

10:54pm Feb 14 2021 —

RT @JepicHQ: Jedward Valentine’s Day Singagram

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RT @planetjedward: Happy Jedmas from Jedward

3:07pm Dec 25 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: The Ed Sheeran song Afterglow and The Original Artwork mean everything to us! Thank you for making our Christmas and the…

3:07pm Dec 25 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Best Gift Ever! An Ed Sheeran original AfterGlow painting. The colour and energy it’s going to inspire us everyday, it r…

3:07pm Dec 25 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Don’t let me fall x

2:25pm Dec 3 2020 —

RT @JepicHQ: 🎅🏼Jepic Jedmas Cards🎄
Handwritten and heartfelt messages from John and Edward.

Cards designed and created by Jedward and infu…

10:40pm Nov 23 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Have a Happy Jedmas 🎄
Personalised Christmas Video Messages by Jedward 🙌🏼……

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RT @planetjedward: Life takes courage! Never surrender in the face of hate! Take a righteous stand! Keep living to create

Keep fighting t…

8:26pm Aug 24 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Your New National Anthem

Watch Full Music Video here

6:57pm Aug 20 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Weather update from Jed Éireann Storm Ellen is coming get the feck inside we’re all close to the Waterline…

7:49am Aug 19 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Gonna be the coolest Dad alive @Edsheeran congrats to you and Cherry! ❤️ this is the most exciting news of the year! Lov…

12:51am Aug 12 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Pre Operation vs after Operation!
Thank You Ray Moran you superhero! Can’t wait to be be back up and rocking the stage!…

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RT @planetjedward: Good Morning! Jedward radio interview @RTE2fm with @Eoghanmcdermo @DoireannGarrihy

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RT @planetjedward: There’s always that one song, that picks you up, when you’re down what’s yours? #Jedward #WhatAWonderfulWorld https://t.…

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RT @planetjedward: In all these years we never had the opportunity to have some tea ☕️ in the President’s gaff! Can we all just make this h…

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RT @planetjedward: Just thinking about Christmas 🎄
It’s always a Jepic time

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RT @RadioRayRTE: Happy Friday 🤩 a packed show today! @russellcrowe talks about his new #UnhingedMovie 🎞, Dr Leo Oosterweghal retires from…

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RT @RTERadio1: Ray certainly has that Friday feeling as @planetjedward & @russellcrowe will be on the show today from 3pm on @RadioRayRTE

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I need to shave

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RT @planetjedward: New Sound New Music Video This is Extraordinary by Jedward

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RT @WorldOfBlaze: Jedward on @lorraine Monday July 27th 🙌🏼

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RT @planetjedward: I can taste the heat I know you feel it too 😏

7:08pm Jul 19 2020 —

RT @stellarmagazine: “That’s our legacy! we’re outraged it’s part of Pop culture!”…

12:27pm Jul 19 2020 —

All you legends sharing the music video!! Thank u! Loads of Hugs
Sending link on Whatsapp 🙌🏼 Facebook 🙌🏼 Twitter🙌🏼 Snapchat

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RT @planetjedward: Summer 2020 Taste The Heat 🔥
New Music Video by Jedward

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I have a few fluffy jumpers thats how I roll

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